Supporting communities in South Africa

Crosslow beaded earrings – made in Africa


In 2018, Crosslow set up an initiative with Woza Moya, a community-based NGO in rural Kwazulu Natal, South Africa , supplying beads to a team of artisans to produce a collection of earrings for sale in the UK.


Woza Moya’s work in the community is paramount to the survival, health and welfare of these local people – the main focus on families affected by HIV Aids, but for anyone in need.


Since then, Tholakele, our main beader, has made well over 1000 pairs of earrings for us – beautifully crafted and handmade.

She is so talented, along with so many of her peers, and yet has no formal education and has been expected to be the primary carer, homemaker and income earner for her family since a young age.

By creating skill-based work for these women, they generate much-needed income for their families, and a genuine sense of achievement for themselves!


As a result of her work for us, Tholakele has funded her daughter’s application, registration and first years’ fees to Medical school at the University of Natal in Durban. We are so proud of them both.


Tholakele continues to support older and younger members of her family as well as her daughter.


Thank you to all of you for your support for Woza Moya and CrossLow, and in turn, women like Tholakele. We are so privileged to be working with them.


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